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TOILET SEAT & COVER (Large Size, O-type)

Safe and hygienic with domestic new materials

│ Description │

* Made in Korea
* Directly connected manufacturers
* Not used recycling materials
* ISO9001 certification
We used pad for lessen the shock when folding and covering and put down an nonslip pad

│ Specification │

*Item: TOILET SEAT & COVER (Large Size, O-type)
*Item packge: TOILET SEAT & COVER (Large Size, O-type), bracket 2ea, bolt 2ea, packing 2ea, nut 2ea, boltcap 2ea
*Color: White
*Product Dimensions: 360mm X 450mm(Length X Depth)

│ Features │


* Directly connected manufacturers without distribution
You can purchase products at a better price for direct dealing.

* Safe products
We don't use renewable raw materials recycling waste.
Only use domestic new materials for safety and quality.

* Reliable quality management process
We operate headquarters and logistics centers separately and do our best to deliver our goods rapid and precisely with an organized process.